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Hotmail refers to the online free e-mail service formed by Sabeer Bathia and Jack Smith in 1995. The following letters H, T M, and L are the HTML’s homage. had served and provided excellent sending and receiving processes or e-mail.

It opened doors for much more effective communication, as well as being paperless. Microsoft acquired the service offered by Hotmail in 1997, and in just 4 years, it had reached a total of 100 million users.

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Due to the changes and further improvements, Hotmail had also undergone development for more satisfying function and results. Hotmail is no longer used for it was switched into its new look – the

Microsoft had changed Hotmail into Outlook in 2013, and the transferring of Hotmail’s 300 million users to Outlook was done. Although Hotmail is no longer in function, it still serves as the reason that nurtures the creation of Outlook.

Both of them aim to provide an effective and efficient mode of communication to their valued customers.

Hotmail / Features

From an effective and efficient communication, Hotmail had brought a lot of benefits which helped any individual achieve better living. Here are some of the advantages of using Hotmail:

  • Connect to Facebook Chat

Hotmail login: Hotmail allows the user to connect to Facebook chat without even peeking on the real Facebook account. Customers can watch and monitor their Facebook app activities, as well as connect to Facebook chat instantly in one tab.

This advantage of using Hotmail had been one of the most effective and acquired services, which further results in better and much more effective communication and interactive opportunities.

Check Hotmail Complete Settings to do this.

  • Avail Support from Microsoft Office Features

Opening and using the Microsoft Word can be a time-stealer, and emails are also additional. Fortunately, Hotmail was formed to help assist in any needs of the individuals in relation to their field of work. The document can be re-edited, revised, and published depending on the valued customer’s prior complaint.

  • Personal Folders

Grouping or proper classification of your emails in their corresponding groups can help ease the mess when searching for it. One of the advantages of using Hotmail is that it provides customers with their own personal folders. These personal folders can serve as their storage for important emails, documents, and files.

  • Reduced Ads

Who wouldn’t get irritated with the continuous and large scaled advertisements which just pop out of the whole screen? Hotmail does not allow any forms of advertisements that can interrupt and affect the daily performance of an individual.

Google may showcase the whole totality of a certain advertisement. However, Hotmail does not. It is only looking forward to a better and effective future for all of the inhabitants of planet Earth.

  • Linked Socially

Hotmail syncs varying online social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other else. It mainly helps in contact management, which defines with the schedules and important matters regarding a certain user.

The social media site user is provided with a calendar in which they provide their important life dates such as birthdays. Hotmail sends an email to these varying online social media sites about their birthday, which in turn serves as a reminder for an individual’s special day.

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Create Account

Creating  a Hotmail account also needs accomplished and successful signup, just like any other webmail and social media sites.  This Hotmail sign up has steps and instructions needed to be followed to achieve a successful sign-up process.

If you want to delete old hotmail account follow this guide: How to delete hotmail account?

Here are the steps that must be considered and followed:

Hotmail Sign up

Step 1: Open the website of Microsoft Outlook:

Step 2: Click the Create an Account button and then proceed to the signing up page.

Step 3: Create your Email Address and Ensure its Password

Provide your new email with or at its end. Ensure to save and remember your password in order to access the account again the next time around.

Hotmail Sign up
Create Account / Hotmail Sign up

Step 4: Remove the Approval on Microsoft’s Promotional Emails

If you want to have a peaceful and simple outlook account without any stressing notification, uncheck or remove the approval on Microsoft’s Promotional Emails. This will result in a better and much more peaceful outlook account.

Step 5: Provide the Necessary Personal Information

Having an account and license on must be provided to give the enthusiasts or authority varying information defining a user. Personal information includes the name, birthday, gender, birthplace, contact number, and so many more.

Avoid providing burglar, and confidential information for it can be reached by any criminal through varying criminal cases.

Step 6: Click and Confirm your Application

After the successful filing of the application letter, click and confirm your account through email or text. Please be reminded that the given verification code will be the ticket towards achieving a successful and effective outlook account. Never miss it out!

If you already have an account but forgot password, read this guide: Hotmail Password Recovery.

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Hotmail Login

Signing up and logging-in in a or Outlook both have similarities. However, logging in is way much better and effective to use. If you have any existing accounts in Outlook, just simply provide the given requirements such as the phone number, email, and password.

Logging-in is also considered as a faster way of accessing the realm of services. It can bring any letters from yourself to other people.

Hotmail Login
Hotmail Login / Hotmail Sign in

Let us all embrace a better and much more united world through making a leap that can benefit not only other people but also the whole of humanity. Let us all trust and pray that would be a provider of a lot of great things in life.

Mobile phone users can follow this guide: How to login to hotmail account on mobile?

Hotmail Login Steps

  1. Go to official Microsoft Outlook Website:
  2. Click on “Hotmail Sign in“. It will redirect you to the official hotmail login page.
  3. Enter your account email address and password in the required fields.
  4. Hit “Enter“, you will be then logged in to your account.
  5. In case you forget your account password: Reset Hotmail Password.

Don’t forget to setup Two Step Verification for your Hotmail account.

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